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A better, brighter and safer Future for children
Struggling for an education


In order to have chance to study, his parents sent him to a temple. He studied at this temple for two years, learning Thai and Shan.
In 1999, he left and went to stay with his parents in a Shan IDP camp on the Thai-Burma border. He was sent with the 32 boys from Shan State to Fang, Thailand. There a group of foreigners provided care and place to study.

In 2000, Noom Hkurh and his friends were sent to a Shan IDP camp opposite Mae Hong Son province in Thailand. He studied in an Orphan School from grade 4 to 9. In 2005, he left school and went to Piang Luang, Wiang Haeng, Chiangmai province. He was asked to be a teacher in Watfawianginn School. This school provides a place for orphans and impoverished children to stay and study. He started teaching English when he was 18 years old. Later he applied for SSSNY (School for Shan State Nationalities Youth) where he studied for 9 months and returned to teach at Watfawianginn School until 2008. While he was working at Watfawianginn School, he taught English, Mathematics, and Shan and took care of the students. He often brought the children to hospitals to get medical treatment. He has also participated in teacher training and meetings with other schools operating along the Thai-Burma Border. He has experience working with other Thai organizations, and has been a workshop trainer of Preventing Human Trafficking, in villages around the Wiang Haeng district.







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