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A better, brighter and safer Future for children
Staff management & Experience
Three people are actively involved with Schools of Hope Project, Nong Ook Village

Pra Virote’s background and experience

Pra Virote is a monk with a genuine desire to help poor children without access to basic education and health care. Based on his own experience he understands the value of education and the opportunities it can bring poor and impoverished children.

- Hardships in Burma
- War and life on the border
- Studies and responsibilities
- Helping needy children

Noom Hkurh

Noom Hkurh was born in 1988 in Moung Tar, a small village located deep in the forest of Eastern Shan State, a few miles from the Thai border. There was no electricity, tap water, clinics or hospitals in the village. His village was under the control of MTA (Moung Tai Army), a resistance army fighting the SPDC/Burmese Junta. Clashes between MTA and SPDC troops occurred often, affecting the lives of the villagers dramatically. It was difficult to find enough food to survive; people were scared and frightened by the bad situation and were often depressed.
In 1995, two Burmese jets bombed and destroy the village where Noom Hkurh and his family were living. They fled to a village closer to Thai border where he attended a school for two years. However, since he was born in the danger zone of a civil war with no official birth records, he lacked official refugee status and the benefits of education and health care.
- Struggling for an education
- Dedicated to education for children in need

Ms. Inger-Lise

Ms. Inger-Lise (Lisa) Bjorkelid is the former director and co-founder of House of Hope. She helped pioneer House of Hope, a safe-home offering free education, medical care and a loving home environment to Shan orphans, IDPs and other disadvantaged children along the Thai/Burma border. She is a Norwegian who has worked in Thailand helping displaced Shan children since January 1999. Around 80 children have been able to access further educational and vocational skills as a result of her work, which has now been transferred to local leadership. Five of her former students are now actively involved in various Shan communities as teachers and aid workers . More...